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Last update: 2023-10-26
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There are two main types of journeys:

  • event-based journeys: starting with an event, these journeys are unitary, they are associated to one individual. When the event is received, the individual enters the journey. Read more
  • read audience journeys: starting with a read audience, these are batch journeys. Individuals belonging to the audience all enter the same journey. These journeys can be recurring or one-shot. Read more

In both journey types, a profile cannot be present multiple times in the same journey, at the same time.

Unitary journeys

In unitary journeys, you can enable or disable re-entrance:

  • If re-entrance is enabled, a profile can enter a journey several times, but cannot do it until he fully exited that previous instance of the journey.

  • If re-entrance is disabled, a profile cannot enter multiple times the same journey.

By default, new journeys allow re-entrance. You can uncheck the option for “one shot” journeys, for example if you want to offer a one-time gift when a person visits a shop. In that case, the customer must not be able to re-enter the journey and receive the offer again. When a journey ends, its status is Closed. New individuals can no longer enter the journey. Persons already in the journey finish the journey normally. Learn more

When the Allow re-entrance option is activated, the Re-entrance wait period field allows you to define the time to wait before allowing a profile to enter the journey again. This prevents journeys from being erroneously triggered multiple times for the same event. By default the field is set to 5 minutes. The maximum duration is 29 days.

After the default global timeout of 30 days, the journey switches to the Finished status. Profiles already in the journey finish the journey normally. New profiles can no longer enter the journey. This behaviour is set for 30 days only (i.e. journey timeout default value) as all information about profiles who entered the journey is removed 30 days after they entered. After that period, profiles can re-enter the journey. To avoid this, and fully disable re-entrance for those profiles, you can add a condition to test if the profile entered already or not, using profile or audience data.

The key is used to check that a person is in a journey. Indeed, a person cannot be at two different places in the same journey. As a result, the system does not allow the same key, for example the key CRMID=3224, to be at different places in the same journey.

Read audience journeys

In a read audience journey:

  • For non-recurring journeys: the profile enters once and only once the journey.

  • For recurring journeys: by default, all the profiles belonging to the audience enters the journey on each recurrence. They must finish the journey before they can reenter in another occurrence.


Two options are available for recurring read audience journeys. The Force reentrance on recurrence option makes all the profiles still present in the journey automatically exit it on the next execution. The Incremental read option only targets the individuals who entered the audience since the last execution of the journey. Refer to this section

In business event journeys starting with a Read audience activity: knowing that this journey is based on the reception of a business event, if the profile is qualified in the expected audience, they will enter the journey for each business event received, meaning that this profile can be multiple times in the same journey, at the same time, but in the context of different business events.

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