Journey Optimizer Videos and Tutorials

Journey Optimizer helps companies deliver connected, contextual, and personalized experiences to their customers. The customer journey is the entire process of a customer’s interactions with the brand, from the first moments of contact until the customer exits the site.

This user guide contains videos and tutorials on features and capabilities of Adobe Journey Optimizer.

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Experience League Live Events

  • Push notifications with Adobe Journey Optimizer

    In this Experience League Live episode, we talk about the common use cases for push notification with Adobe Journey Optimizer and dive into the technical details on how to configure an app for Push powered by Adobe Experience Platform.

Staff Picks

Journey Optimizer Overview Part 1 - Deliver omni-channel journeys (video)

This video shows how brands can use Adobe Journey Optimization to deliver personalized omni-channel journeys to their consumers.

Journey Optimizer Overview Part 2 - Deliver omni-channel journeys (video)

This video shows how brands can use Adobe Journey Optimizer's decision management capabilities, real-time segment qualification, and business event management to take their consumer journeys to new heights.

Introduction to the decision management capabilities

The video covers the business challenges decision management capabilities solves, its key capabilities, the basic architecture, and its main use cases.

Use Case - Transactional Journey

Understand the applicable use cases for transactional journeys. Learn how to build transactional journeys and which best practices to apply.

Use contextual event information for personalization

Learn how to use contextual event information from a journey to personalize a message.

Live and global reports

Learn the difference between live and global reports, how to access and analyze the Journey and the Message specific reports, and how to modify the report dashboards.

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