Query Service troubleshooting guide

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about Query Service and provides a list of commonly seen error codes when using Query Service. For questions and troubleshooting related to other services in Adobe Experience Platform, please refer to the Experience Platform troubleshooting guide.

Frequently asked questions

The following is a list of answers to commonly asked questions about Query Service.

How can I get only the metadata for a query?

To get only the metadata for a query, you can run a query that returns zero rows, as follows:

SELECT * FROM <table> WHERE 1=0

This query returns only the metadata for the specified table.

How can I quickly iterate on a CTAS (Create Table as Select) query without materializing it?

You can create temporary tables to quickly iterate and experiment on a query before materializing it for use. You can also use temporary tables to validate if a query is functional.

For example, you can create a temporary table:

CREATE temp TABLE temp_dataset AS
FROM actual_dataset
WHERE 1 = 0;

Then you can use the temporary table as follows:

INSERT INTO temp_dataset
SELECT a._company AS _company,
a._id AS _id,
a.timestamp AS timestamp
FROM actual_dataset a
WHERE timestamp >= TO_TIMESTAMP('2021-01-21 12:00:00')
AND timestamp < TO_TIMESTAMP('2021-01-21 13:00:00')
LIMIT 100;

How should I filter my time-series data?

When querying with time-series data, you should use the timestamp filter whenever possible for more accurate analysis.

An example of using the timestamp filter can be seen below:

SELECT a._company  AS _company,
       a._id       AS _id,
       a.timestamp AS timestamp
FROM   dataset a
WHERE  timestamp >= To_timestamp('2021-01-21 12:00:00')
       AND timestamp < To_timestamp('2021-01-21 13:00:00')

Should I use wildcards, such as * to get all the rows from my datasets?

You cannot use wildcards to get all the data from your rows, as Query Service should be treated as a columnar-store rather than a traditional row-based store system.

REST API errors

HTTP status code Description Possible causes
400 Bad request Malformed or illegal query
401 Authentication failed Invalid auth token
500 Internal server error Internal system failure

PostgreSQL API errors

Error code Connection state Description Possible cause
08P01 N/A Unsupported message type Unsupported message type
28P01 Start-up - authentication Invalid password Invalid authentication token
28000 Start-up - authentication Invalid authorization type Invalid authorization type. Must be AuthenticationCleartextPassword.
42P12 Start-up - authentication No tables found No tables found for use
42601 Query Syntax error Invalid command or syntax error
42P01 Query Table not found Table specified in the query was not found
42P07 Query Table exists A table with the same name already exists (CREATE TABLE)
53400 Query LIMIT exceeds max value User specified a LIMIT clause higher than 100,000
53400 Query Statement timeout The live statement submitted took more than the maximum of 10 minutes
58000 Query System error Internal system failure
0A000 Query/Command Not supported The feature/functionality in the query/command is not supported
42501 DROP TABLE Query Dropping table not created by Query Service The table that is being dropped was not created by Query Service using the CREATE TABLE statement
42501 DROP TABLE Query Table not created by the authenticated user The table that is being dropped was not created by the currently logged in user
42P01 DROP TABLE Query Table not found The table specified in the query was not found
42P12 DROP TABLE Query No table found for dbName: please check the dbName No tables were found in the current database

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