Adobe Target connection


Adobe Target is an application that provides real-time, AI-powered personalization and experimentation capabilities in all inbound customer interactions across websites, mobile apps, and more.

Adobe Target is a personalization connection in Adobe Experience Platform.


This integration is powered by the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK. You must be using this SDK to use this destination.


Before creating an Adobe Target connection, read the guide on how to configure personalization destinations for same-page and next-page personalization. This guide takes you through the required configuration steps for same-page and next-page personalization use cases, across multiple Experience Platform components.

Export type and frequency

Refer to the table below for information about the destination export type and frequency.

Item Type Notes
Export type Profile request You are requesting all the segments that are mapped in the Adobe Target destination for a single profile.
Export frequency Streaming Streaming destinations are “always on” API-based connections. As soon as a profile is updated in Experience Platform based on segment evaluation, the connector sends the update downstream to the destination platform. Read more about streaming destinations.

Use cases

Personalizing a home page banner

A home rental and sales company wants to personalize their home page with a banner, based on customer segment qualifications in Adobe Experience Platform. The company can select what audiences should get a personalized experience and send those to Adobe Target as targeting criteria for their Target offer.

Connect to the destination

To connect to this destination, follow the steps described in the destination configuration tutorial.

Adobe Experience Platform automatically connects to your company’s Adobe Target instance. There is no authentication required.

Connection parameters

While setting up this destination, you must provide the following information:

  • Name: Fill in the preferred name for this destination.
  • Description: Enter a description for your destination. For example, you can mention which campaign you are using this destination for. This field is optional.
  • Datastream ID: This determines in which Data Collection datastream the segments will be included in the response to the page. The drop-down menu shows only datastreams that have the destination configuration enabled. See Configuring a datastream for more details.

Activate segments to this destination


To activate data, you need the Manage Destinations, Activate Destinations, View Profiles, and View Segments access control permissions. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

Read Activate profiles and segments to profile request destinations for instructions on activating audience segments to this destination.

Exported data

Adobe Target reads profile data from the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network, so no data gets exported.

Data usage and governance

All Adobe Experience Platform destinations are compliant with data usage policies when handling your data. For detailed information on how Adobe Experience Platform enforces data governance, read the Data Governance overview.

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