Creating a Production Program

A Production program is intended for a user who is familiar with AEM and Cloud Manager and is ready to start writing, building and testing code with the objective of deploying it to Production.

Watch the two part tutorial videos to learn how to create a Program in Cloud Manager:


Follow the steps below to create a Production program:

  1. Launch the Cloud Manager’s landing page and click on Add Program from the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Select Set up for Production in the Create Program wizard to create a Production program. User can accept the default program name or edit it before selecting Create.

  3. User will select solutions that are to be included in the program in the screen that will be presented following the screen above. Once you have selected the required solution or solutions, click Create.

    Additionally, you can select the Commerce add-on option under Sites, as shown in the figure below, and click on Create.

  4. Once you see your program card on the landing page, select the to see menu options available to you. Select Cloud Manager, as shown in the figure below, to navigate to the Cloud Manager’s Overview page.

  5. The main call-to-action card will guide the user to create an environment, create a non-production pipeline, and finally a production pipeline.


    A Production program does not have Auto-setup feature.

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