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Last update: 2023-12-06
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Content Management actions are the building blocks that help to create and manage content within an application. The following actions are performed on content within the application.

Content Overview

If you think of an online magazine, the main content includes articles, ads, and the covers. Three main types of Mobile On-Demand content can be created within AEM:

  • Articles: text based along with art to convey information

  • Banners: typically graphical promotional links

  • Collections: represent a well defined bucket filled with content such as articles or banners that suits the cover’s theme

  • Shared Resources: allows reuse or sharing of common pieces across articles


To learn more on design considerations for AEM Mobile apps, see Design considerations for AEM Mobile apps in Online Help.

Creating and Managing Content

The following topics describe the creation and management of content namely articles, banners, and collections. Once you learn how to create and manage the content, you can see additional topics such as uploading shared resources, publishing/unpublishing content, and previewing with Preflight.


Generally, you should Preflight before publishing content. See Previewing with Preflight for more details.

Additional Resources

To learn about the roles and responsibilities of an Administrator and Developer, see the resources below:

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