Uploading Shared Resources uploading-shared-resources

Adobe recommends using the SPA Editor for projects that require single page application framework-based client-side rendering (for example, React). Learn more.

Content Management actions are the building blocks that help to create and manage content within an application. The following actions are performed on content within the application.

To learn more on design considerations for AEM Mobile apps, see Design considerations for AEM Mobile apps in Online Help.
Associate a Mobile On-Demand connection first.

Uploading Shared Resources uploading-shared-resources-1

Typically, content such as articles are required to have the same look and feel across all authors and even apps. Making scripts, css and fonts available to all is therefore essential. This operation sends such shared resources to Mobile On-Demand which can then be consumed as needed.

Once you configure and associate your app to a Cloud Configuration, you can upload your shared resources. For detailed steps on associating your app to a cloud configuration, click here.

Shared Resources uses ContentSync to collect all the different resources. See Mobile with ContentSync for more details.

Follow these steps to upload your shared resources for an article:

  1. Select the article from Manage Articles tile.

  2. Click Upload Shared Resources to upload your shared HTML resources.


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