AEM Mobile On-Demand aem-mobile-on-demand

Adobe recommends using the SPA Editor for projects that require single page application framework-based client-side rendering (for example, React). Learn more.
If you are not using Adobe Experience Manage (AEM) as your content management source, see AEM Mobile On-Demand Services Help.

AEM Administrator aem-administrator

Before you get started with setting up your environment for AEM Mobile On-Demand Services, see AEM Mobile Application Dashboard or the Control Center.

An AEM administrator is responsible for adding an application to the AEM Mobile catalog, either by creating an app using the creation wizard, or by importing an existing application. AEM administrators who create an app using AEM Mobile’s creation wizard typically select one of the desired app templates either from Adobe’s out-of-the-box reference samples or (usually) a custom app template created by AEM developers.

For more information on setting up AEM Groups and Permissions, click Creating User Roles and Granting Access in Online Help.

An AEM administrator is responsible for the following tasks while creating an app using AEM Mobile On-Demand Services:

Additional Resources additional-resources

To understand more on the other two roles and responsibilities for creating an AEM Mobile On-Demand Services App, see the following resources: