Previewing with Preflight previewing-with-preflight

This page explains Previewing with Preflight app.

Adobe recommends using the SPA Editor for projects that require single page application framework-based client-side rendering (for example, React). Learn more.

The following actions are performed on the application as a whole.

With the Mobile On-Demand Preflight app, you can view all projects to which you have access. Once you select a project, you can then preview the app contents, including browsing pages and articles to get a sense of how the app looks and performs on various devices.

The Preflight app is similar to the PhoneGap Enterprise viewer in nature.

Previewing with Preflight previewing-with-preflight-1

  1. From Mobile, choose your Mobile On-Demand app from the catalog.
  2. Click the ellipsis (…) from the Manage Articles (or Banners/Collections) tile.
  3. Select Preflight from the action bar.
  4. Click Activate Preflight from the dialog.
  5. Your app is now ready for preview on the Mobile On-Demand Preflight app.


The AEM Preflight app is used for previewing content and browsing pages. To learn in-depth about Preflight App, click here.

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