Communities Components


When AEM Communities is licensed, in addition to creating community sites, it is possible to add Communities features to any AEM site using standard AEM authoring tools.

To learn more about creating a community site visit:


If not familiar with the authoring environment, view the documentation on basic handling and a quick guide to authoring pages.

Available Communities Components

The following table lists the Communities components visible to authors when enabled in the components browser (sidekick).

See also the interactive Community Components guide.


Read Communities Components Basics as it contains information necessary for authoring with Communities components.

Component Title Feature
Activity Streams Activity Streams
Blog Blog
Blog Sidebar Blog
Calendar Calendar
Comments Comments
Community Activity List Activity Trends
Community Group Member List Community Groups
Compose Message Messaging
Enablement Assignments Assignments
Enablement Catalog Catalog
Featured Content Featured Content
File Library File Library
Follow Social Graph
Following Social Graph
Forum Forum
Ideation Ideation
Leaderboard Scoring and Badges
Liking Liking
Message Messaging
Message List Messaging
QnA Questions and Answers
Quick Search Search
Rating Rating
Related Questions Questions and Answers
Reviews Reviews
Reviews Summary (Display) Reviews
Search Search
Search Result Search
Social Tag Cloud Social Tag Cloud
Voting Voting

The poll component is no longer available and supported in Experience Manager Communities.

  • Visit Deploying Communities to learn about recommended deployments.

  • Visit Administering Communities Sites to learn about creating a community site, configuring community site templates, moderating community content, managing members, and configuring messaging.

  • Visit Developing Communities to learn about the social component framework (SCF) and customizing Communities components and features.

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