Activity Trends activity-trends

Introduction introduction

The Community Activity List component lets you add trending information regarding posts and views by members and posts and views of content.

The document describes:

  • Adding the Community Activity List component to a community site.

  • Configuration settings for the Community Activity List component.

Requirement requirement

Data for the Community Activity List is only available when Adobe Analytics is licensed and configured for the community site.

See Analytics Configuration for Communities Features.

Adding a Community Activity List to a Page adding-a-community-activity-list-to-a-page

To add a Community Activity List component to a page in author mode, locate the component Communities / Community Activity List and drag it into place on a page.

For necessary information, visit Communities Components Basics.

When first placed on a page of a community site, this is how the component appears:


Configuring Community Activity List configuring-community-activity-list

Select the placed Community Activity List component, then select the Configure icon so you can open the edit dialog box.


Under the Comments tab, specify if and how comments for uploaded files appear:


  • Type

    Specify whether to display data regarding community members or user-generated content (UGC).

    Select from:

    • Members
    • Content

    Default is Members.

  • Display title

    A descriptive title to display above the data, such as Trending Content.
    Default is no title.

  • Display count

    The number of items to list.
    The default is 10.

  • Activity type

    Select one of:

    • Views(page visits)
    • Posts(creating UGC)
    • Follows
    • Likes

    The default is Views.

  • Time period

    Select one of:

    • Last 24 hours
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 90 days
    • This year (since Jan 1)
    • Total

    Default is Total.

  • Context path

    This lets you scope the activity to a subset of the site, such as a specific Blog.
    Default is the entire community site.

  • Member count aggregation

    When deselected (turned off), only top-level posts are counted. For example, if the context is the root page (the default), then an Activity Type of Posts never shows any activity as there is no ability to post content to the root page. When checked, the counts on all descendant pages are included.
    Default is checked.

Example Page with four Components example-page-with-components

Top Visitors config: Type = Members, Activity type = Views

Top Contributors config: Type = Members, Activity type = Posts

Top Content config: Type = Content, Activity type = Views,

Trending Content config: Type = Content, Activity type = Posts