Communities Components Basics communities-components-basics

Overview overview

The authoring section of the documentation describes adding Communities features to AEM sites in author edit mode, and describing component configurations.

Components may be explored using an AEM instance and the interactive Community Components guide.

Accessing Communities Components accessing-communities-components

When authoring page content, if the underlying template permits changes to the design of the page, it is possible to enable components that are not already available in the components browser as part of the site design.

The available Communities components are listed here.

For general authoring information, view the quick guide to authoring pages.
If not familiar with AEM, view the documentation on basic handling.

Entering Design Mode entering-design-mode

If a Communities component is not found in the components browser (sidekick), it will be necessary to enter Design Mode to add other Communities components. Required client-side libraries (clientlibs) may also need to be added.

For details, see Configuring Components in Design Mode.

Following are images of selecting a few Communities components and viewing them in the components browser:


The selected components are now available in the components browser:


Required Clientlibs required-clientlibs

Client-side libraries (clientlibs) are required for the proper functioning (JavaScript) and styling (CSS) of a component.

When adding a Communities component to a page, if the result is an error or an unexpected appearance, the first thing to try is to add the required clientlibs for the Communities component. For details, see Clientlibs for Communities Components.

Example: Initially placed reviews without client libraries… example-initially-placed-reviews-without-client-libraries


… And with client libraries and-with-client-libraries


Tagging tagging

Many Communities features may be configured to allow members to tag content entered (posted) in the publish environment.

If tagging is allowed, the community site’s configuration may be set to limit the namespaces presented to members in the publish environment. See the Community Sites console.

Features which allow tagging: blog, calendar, file library, forum

Features which use tags: search, social tag cloud

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