Using Social Graph using-social-graph

Introduction introduction

The ability for a community member to follow activities and be followed is established through two components: Follow and Following.

The Follow component must be associated with another resource, and this association is already established for community members and features.

The Following component simply lists the members that are either following the current member or are being followed by the current member. This social graph of the relationships between members is included in the user profile established for a community site.

Adding Following to a Page adding-following-to-a-page

If it is desired to add a Following component to a page in author mode, locate the component Communities / Following and drag it into place on a page where the social graph should appear.

For necessary information, visit Communities Components Basics.

When the required client-side libraries are included, this is how the Following component appears:


Configuring Following configuring-following

Currently, it is necessary to set the property to determine whether the component displays the follows relationship, or the following relationship.

Additional Information additional-information

More information may be found on the Social Graph Essentials page for developers.