Featured Content Feature featured-content-feature

Introduction introduction

The featured content feature provides an area for signed-in site visitors (community members) in the publish environment to highlight content for:

Once content is flagged as featured, it is listed within this component, which may be placed in specific landing pages or areas that easily catch the attention of community members.

The ability to feature content may be allowed or disallowed per component.

This section of the documentation describes:

  • Adding featured content to a community site.
  • Configuration settings for the Featured Content component.

To add a Featured Content component to a page in author mode, use the component browser to locate

  • Communities / Featured Content

And drag it into place on a page where the featured content should appear.

For necessary information, visit Communities Components Basics.

When the required client-side libraries are included, this is how the Featured Content component appears:


Select the placed Featured Content component so you can access and select the Configure icon which opens the edit dialog.



Settings tab settings-tab

Under the Settings tab, identify the content to feature:

  • Display Name

    The title for the list of featured content. For example, Featured Questions or Featured Ideas. Default is Featured Content if left empty.

  • Location of the Featured Content

    (Required) Browse to the page containing the content that may be featured (components of that page must be configured to Allow Featured Content). For example, /content/sites/engage/en/forum.

  • Display Limit

    The maximum number of featured content to display. The default is 5.

Site Visitor Experience site-visitor-experience

The ability to flag content as featured content requires moderator privileges.

When a moderator views posted content, they have access to the in-context moderation flags, which includes the new Feature flag.


After it is flagged as a feature, the moderation flag becomes Unfeature.

The page containing the Featured Content component, now includes this post.


The Read More links to the actual post.

Additional Information additional-information

More information may be found on the Featured Content page for developers.

For flagging content as featured, see Moderating User-Generated Content.