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Uploads URLs from the location where you want to get files.



Name Type Description
autoColorCropOptions types:AutoColorCropOptions Options for automatic crops of images based on color.
autoSetCreationOptions types:AutoSetCreationOptions Array of automatic set generation scripts to apply to uploaded files.
autoTransparentCropOptions types:AutoTransparentCropOptions Removes white space from the edges of images, based on transparency.
createMask xsd:boolean Whether to create a mask.
colorManagementOptions types:ColorManagementOptions Options that you can specify during an upload. The set affects how the color is managed for the upload.
emailSetting xsd:string Choice of email settings.
IllustratorOptions types:IllustratorOptions Options for uploading Illustrator files to the Image Server.
inDesignOptions types:InDesignOptions Options for uploading InDesign files to the server.
knockoutBackground types:KnockoutBackgroundOptions Mask the background for selected images. This lets you overlay them in other layers with a transparency outside of subject image. Optional. See KnockoutBackgroundOptions.
manualCropOptions types:ManualCropOptions Options for manual crops of images.
mediaOptions types:MediaOptions Options that let you set a thumbnail image from the video. See MediaOptions.
numUrls xsd:int Returns the number of URLs submitted in a job. Used by getActiveJobs and getScheduledJobs.
overwrite xsd:boolean Whether to overwrite files when uploading.
pdfOptions types:PDFOptions Options for uploading PDF files to the Image Server.
photoshopOptions types:PhotoshopOptions Options for uploading Photoshop files to the Image Server.
postHttpUrl xsd:string The URL where the files are being uploaded.
postImageRenderingPublishJob types:ImageRendingPublishJob Details for an image rendering publish job that runs after the upload is complete.
postImageServingPublishJob types:ImageServingPublishJob All media options.
postScriptOptions types:PostScriptOptions Options for uploading Post Script files to the Image Server.
postVideoPublishJob types:VideoPublishJob Details for a video publish job that runs after the upload is complete.
preserveCrop xsd:boolean Controls preservation of any existing crop definition. Defaults to true
preservePublishState xsd:boolean Controls whether the publish state of an existing asset is preserved when overwriting. If not set, the company default setting is used.
projectHandleArray types:HandleArray Array of project handles.
readyForPublish xsd:boolean Whether the files are marked ready for publishing.
unCompressOptions types:UnCompressOptions Extract and process the contents of uploaded TAR/ZIP files with these optional settings. See UnCompressOptions.
unsharpMaskOptions types:UnsharpMaskOptions Options that let you control unsharp mask settings when creating an optimized pyramid TIF file. Use these settings to help improve image sharpness. See UnsharpMaskOptions.
urlArray xsd:UrlArray An array of URLs that you want to upload.
xmpKeywords xsd:string

An additional metadata option for everything in the upload job.


For CropOptions, you can choose only one of the following:

  • manualCropOptions
  • autoColorCropOptions
  • autoTransparentCropOptions

For PublishJob, you can choose only one of the following:

  • postImageServingPublishJob
  • postImageRenderingPublishJob
  • postvideoPublishJob

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