Locking and Unlocking Visualizations

Locks/unlocks the current visualization.

Visualizations can be locked to preserve selections and help guide analysis for viewers of a particular dashboard. Locks can be toggled by using the lock icon within the visualization’s tool menu. For all visualizations except Rich Text and Metric Legends, applying a lock will prevent users from altering selections within that visualization. Any selections that were made prior to locking the visualization will always be applied, and no adjustments to the selections can be made while the visualization is locked.

If no selections were made within the visualization before locking, the lock will serve to prevent users from making any selections within that visualization. Regular users and Administrators can dynamically toggle visualization locks, but Read-only users will always be restricted to any locks that have been placed on visualizations.

Locking visualizations is useful for guiding analysis by pre-selecting items that the entire dashboard should be filtered on. This provides an on-screen visual cue of what’s being filtered without allowing it to be altered. Locking is also useful for reducing the potential for confusion by only allowing users to select on visualizations that are relevant to their analysis.

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