Analytics Reports

Analytic reports are provided for users of the Adobe SC profile. These data workbench reports—Page Views, Traffic, Unique Visitors, Referring Domain and other significant report types—are standard reports in Adobe Analytics.

For Adobe Analytics’ users, these templates allow users employing the Adobe SC profile (which uses the SC/Insight data feed) to view reports generated from Data Workbench using templates similar to the Adobe Marketing Reports & Analytics capability. Users can access these pre-configured reports using data workbench templates.


This menu will only appear for those users who have implemented the Adobe SC profile.

To Open Reports

On the worktop, right-click and select New to view and open report templates.

The following are a list of Analytic reports:

Reports Description
Page Views A trended report that displays the number of times your website pages were viewed for the selected time period (hour, day, week, month, quarter, or year). This report allows you to track page views for each page on your site, as well as an aggregate of page views for your entire site.
Key Metrics The Key Metrics Report lets you compare metrics to see whether they trend together. For example, as your page views increase, does your visitor count increase?
Unique Visitors Shows you the number of unique visitors who accessed your site. Each visitor is counted once, regardless of how many times the person visits your website.
Pages Ranks the pages on your site based on the pages that receive the most traffic. If your business question deals with quantitative data for pages, you can use this report to answer that question by adding the right metrics.
Traffic Traffic reports give you in-depth insight into how visitors interact with your website.
Conversion Provide comprehensive, accurate, and detailed analysis of customer activity. Metrics such as campaign management, sales cycle, customer fallout, and customer conversion let you measure e-commerce transactions, sources of sales, advertising effectiveness, customer loyalty, and more.
Campaign Displays information about the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. You can see which types advertising efforts give you the most traffic and which of your employees is responsible for driving those efforts.
Product Identifies how individual products and groups of products (categories) contribute to your various conversion metrics, such as Revenue or Checkouts.
Referring Domain Shows the domains that referred the customers that most impacted your site’s success metrics. Referrers fall into two main categories: Domains and URLs. Domains refer to the domain name, and appear as the base domain without the query string or subdirectories attached. URLs include the base domain name, as well as any query strings or subdirectories.
Search Keyword Reports that display a breakdown of search keywords.

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