Binary Filter in the Correlation Matrix

A Binary Filter in the Correlation Matrix lets you constrain values for one or both of the correlated metrics to better focus the comparison.

To set a binary filter on a Correlation Matrix:

  1. From the Correlation Matrix, right-click a metric name.

  2. Select Edit Metric Details.

    The Edit Correlation Metric Details window will open.

  3. Set up a Binary Filter.

    First, click the Inactive setting. It will toggle to set the filter as Active and display the Comparison and Value fields.

    Then, select a Comparison operator and set its Value to set up a filter for the selected metric.


The Binary Filter for Data Workbench 6.2 has been updated with new features, requiring you to rebuild any correlation matrix with a binary filter built in previous versions.

Adding Dimension Elements

You can also add a dimension element to constrain a metric. A metric can have only one element associated with it.

Right-click in the workspace and select Table. Open a dimension with its elements and drag to the Element setting in the Edit Correlation Metric Details window, or drop on a metric in the Correlation Matrix.

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