Enabling IIS


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The first step is to enable the IIS role on your dashboard server.

  1. Under Administrative Tools, open the Server Manager.

  2. Right-click the Roles menu item in the left-hand portion of the Server Manager window.

  3. Select Add Roles.

  4. Select Web Server (IIS) and continue with the Add Roles Wizard. Make sure that the following Role Services are enabled:

    Common HTTP Features
    Static Content
    Default Document
    Directory Browsing
    HTTP Errors
    HTTP Redirection
    Application Development
    .NET Extensibility
    ISAPI Extensions
    ISAPI Filters
    Health and Diagnostics
    HTTP Logging
    Logging Tools
    Request Monitor
    Custom Logging
    Basic Authentication
    Windows Authentication
    URL Authentication
    Request Filtering
    IP and Domain Restrictions
    Management Tools
    IIS Management Console
    IIS Management Script and Tools
    Management Service
  5. Follow the Wizard to complete the installation.

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