Guardrails are recommended thresholds that provide guidance for data and system usage in Adobe Experience Platform and applications. Guardrails reflect system constraints and performance expectations to optimize customer architecture and use case performance, and help to avoid errors or unexpected results. Guardrails are not intended to be service level agreements.

For information on specific service level agreements for applications and features, refer to “Application and feature descriptions” at the bottom of this page.

Guardrails Reference Documentation for Adobe Experience Platform and Applications

The following pages provide information about guardrails for Adobe Experience Platform features, services, and applications:

Data ingestion guardrails

Edge Network API Guardrails

Real-time Customer Profile Guardrails

Identity Guardrails

Customer Journey Analytics Audience Sharing Guardrails

Customer Journey Analytics Data Ingestion Guardrails

Query Service Guardrails

Destination Activation Guardrails

Journey Optimizer Guardrails

End-to-end latency diagrams

Data ingestion

Experience Platform Data Flow


Experience Platform Segmentation Guardrails

Real-time Customer Data Platform & Adobe Target

RTCDP & Target Guardrails

Customer Journey Analytics

CJA Guardrails

Journey Optimizer

Reference architecture Journey Optimizer blueprint

Application and feature descriptions

For information on feature-specific service level agreements, refer to the descriptions below:

Experience Platform Collection Enterprise

Real-time Customer Data Platform

B2B Customer Data Platform

Experience Platform Activation

Experience Platform Intelligence

Intelligent Services

Data Distiller

Customer Journey Analytics

Journey Optimizer

Journey Orchestration

Offer Decisioning

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