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Audience Manager provides industry-leading services for online audience data management.

Information about the history of Adobe Audience Manager, the types of data collected, segmentation, reporting, and more.

Describes the components of an Audience Manager segment, the expressions used to set audience qualification criteria, and how data is transmitted in an event call.

In Audience Manager, a destination is any third-party system (ad server, DSP, ad network, etc.) that you want to share data with. Destination Builder is the tool you used to create and manage cookie, URL, or server-to-server destinations.


Understanding Basic Terms and Concepts

In this video we will go over some of the basic terms and concepts that will get you started in Audience Manager, including signals, traits, segments, etc.

Introduction to Identity

In this video, you will learn how Adobe Audience Manager manages identity, including internal profiles and profile merging as well as ID syncing with partners.

Create a Data Source for Analytics Data

In this video we walk through the steps, including tips and tricks, of creating a Data Source in AAM that you can use for data coming in live from an analytics solution, like Adobe Analytics. This should be done prior to creating traits for the analytics data.

Audience Manager Tutorials

A collection of videos and tutorials for Adobe Analytics.

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