End-of-life for Adobe Data Connectors

For more than a decade, Adobe Analytics has aimed to provide the best-in-class web & marketing analytics solution to meet customers’ needs. As technology and business needs evolve, we strive to continually deliver and meet the highest standards. Unfortunately, the APIs that power this integration no longer meet those standards and are not tenable in modern Adobe Analytics technology infrastructure.

Effective August 1, 2021, Adobe intends to discontinue Data Connectors Integrations. End-of-life is part of any technology product’s lifecycle and Adobe aims to make the transition as seamless as possible for our customers and partners. Many of these integrations are available via Adobe Exchange and can continue to be utilized.

Why are we end-of-lifing this feature?

This feature is powered by legacy technology that is no longer viable or supported. We have a new standard in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program that should be adopted for any integrations that wish to continue to be offered and supported.

How does removal of this feature impact you?

If you are an Adobe Partner, details on migrating your integration to our new Adobe Exchange program can found here in our documentation.

If you are a Data Connector customer and want to request that the integration you use should be migrated, you should route all requests directly to the Integration Partner. Sending a request to Adobe via Customer Care will not have the same desired effect.

Each company providing an integration was given the option to migrate their integration to Adobe Exchange or discontinue their integration. Below is a summary of each current integration and their accompanying decision.

For additional questions or support, please reach out to Adobe Customer Care.

Data Connector Partner status

Partner Status
Acxiom Deprecating
Adform Deprecating
Adjust Migrating to Adobe Exchange
Adobe Campaign Migrating to Adobe Exchange (see Note below)
Appfigures Migrating to Adobe Exchange
Appsee Deprecating
AppsFlyer Migrating to Adobe Exchange
Aprimo Enterprise Marketing Engagement Deprecating
Apteligent Deprecating
BlueHornet eMarketing Suite Deprecating
Branch Migrating to Exchange
BrightEdge 2.0, BrightEdge, BrightEdge Express Deprecating
Bronto Software Deprecating
CheetahMail by Experian Migrating to Exchange
ClickTale Deprecating
Clicktale CA Deprecating
Conductor 2.0, Conductor, Conductor Organic Metrics Deprecating
ContactLab 2.0 (Contact Send Connector) Deprecating
Coradiant TrueSight Deprecating
D&B Visitor Intelligence Deprecating
Datran Media Deprecating
Decibel Insight Deprecating
Decipher Deprecating
Delivra Deprecating
Demandbase CA Deprecating
Demandbase v3 Deprecating
DialogTech Available on Adobe Exchange
DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Deprecating
DREAM Deprecating
DREAMmail 1.0, DREAMmail 2.0 Deprecating
Dynamic Signal (Nital Vora) Migrating to Exchange
eDialog Precision Central Deprecating
eC-messenger Deprecating
Emailvision Campaign Commander Deprecating
emarsys xpress Deprecating
Epsilon Harmony Migrating to Exchange
EveryoneSocial for Adobe Analytics Deprecating
ExactTarget, ExactTarget 2.0 Deprecating
Fiksu Deprecating
Foresee (v2.0), Foresee Feedback, Foresee Results Deprecating
Gigya Deprecating
Hootsuite Deprecating
hybris Deprecating
Kampyle (now Medallia) Feedback Analytics (1.1) Deprecating
Listrak Migrating to Exchange
Lyris HQ Deprecating
MaritzCX (V 2.0) Deprecating
Merkle Deprecating
Official Oracle Eloqua Integration Migrating to Exchange
optivo broadmail (Episerver) Deprecating
Qualtrics v2 Migrating to Exchange
Responsys 1.0, Responsys 2.0 Deprecating
Salesforce.com Deprecating
Selligent Deprecating
seoClarity, seoClarity 2.0 Deprecating
Silverpop Engage (v2.0) Deprecating
Sizmek Deprecating
SmartFOCUS Digital Deprecating
SpotEffects Deprecating
StrongMail Systems, Inc Deprecating
Syngergy!360 Deprecating
ThinData EMS Deprecating
TUNE Deprecating
Urban Airship Deprecating
UserZoom Survey tool Deprecating
WhatCounts Email Deprecating
wywy Deprecating
Yesmail Enterprise Deprecating
Zeta Interactive Deprecating

Exception: Adobe Campaign Classic

The ONE exception to the August 1, 2021 date is the Adobe Campaign Classic integration. This integration will officially be deprecated on March 1, 2022.

On August 1, 2021, Adobe Campaign Classic will be removed from the Data Connectors UI along with all other integrations; however, existing Campaign integrations will continue to collect and pass data to Adobe Analytics until March 1, 2022. On March 1, 2022, the integration will cease to collect and pass data to Adobe Analytics. If you are using this integration, you need to move to the new Campaign-Analytics connector before March 1, 2022. Learn more in Adobe Campaign Classic documentation.

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