Transaction and customer integration

Data Sources provides two additional ways to integrate events that occur offline to your online data.

These integrations associate offline data with a specific online transaction or with an online visitor.

Enable Transaction ID Recording

The Transaction ID can be enabled/disabled from the UI, without the involvement of ClientCare:

Go to Admin > Report Suites > Select report suite > Edit Settings > General > General Account Settings.

To see if Transaction ID Recording is enabled, navigate to Analytics > Admin > All admin > Data sources.

The Manage tab displays the status of Transaction ID Recording.

Customer Integration

Customer IDs are used to specify a customer’s offline activity and tie it to online activity. These should be used when:

  • A customer ID is populated in the visitorID variable.
  • There is no designated point where customer activity moves offline, such as a lead submission or purchase.

To configure this type of data source, see Visitor ID

Transaction Integration

Transaction IDs are used to record the state of a visitor at a point in time. These should be used when there is a point in time when customers typically move their experience from online to offline, such as:

  • Submits a lead for a salesman to contact the customer.
  • Makes an online purchase, which might be later returned in store.
  • Purchases a product for which they might later call for support.

The customer is often anonymous when they move from online to offline.

Transaction ID events are not included in Visit Participation metrics (those shown in marketing reports). This is because the transaction ID data is not associated with a visit (because the offline event is usually not part of the online event), but it is associated with the visitor.

See Transaction ID.

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