Using Cross-tab Analysis to Explore Basic Marketing Attribution in Analysis Workspace

There are many ways you can take your attribution methodology to the next level with Adobe Analytics. In this video, we highlight how you can derive deeper insights from the Marketing Channels report using cross-tab analysis in Workspace.

UPDATE: There have been several improvements made to Workspace since this video was published. We are leaving the video live because it has some great tips that you should know anyway.

First, be sure to check out the Attribution IQ features that will help take your marketing attribution analysis even further. This includes the following videos and the videos around them:

Second, if you are following the steps in this video, be aware that you can use the Freeform Table Builder to setup your table.

  • 3:20 - Cross-tab dimensions are automatically dynamic when dropped, meaning their values can change over time. For this analysis, it’s best to bring over static columns instead. Learn more about Dynamic Columns at 6:33 of the video: Row and Column Settings in Freeform Tables
  • 4:30 - Column settings can be updated in bulk now, instead of 1-by-1. Learn more at 8:45 of the video: Row and Column Settings in Freeform Tables

For more information on this topic, please visit the documentation.

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