Selecting a report suite in Analysis Workspace

Last update: 2022-11-02
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Get a few tips for selecting a report suite in Analysis Workspace.


Hello. This is Justin Grover with Adobe Product Management and I want to show you one of the new features for the April 2016 release of Adobe Analytics. One of the things that we’ve updated is the report suite selector. within the report suite selector We have like before the list of report suites but for each report suite I can now click on the info icon and get a quick overview of what the traffic looks like in that report suite. This is really helpful if you’re trying to to differentiate weather reports as a development report see or something that’s in production or just trying to get a feel for how big the audience is that’s contained in that report. One of the other features is you can differentiate between regular report suites and virtual report suites which will also be new in the April 2016 release. And if I click on the info icon for you for a virtual report suite not only does it give me the sizing information like it did before but it also gives me the segment information for that report. Finally one of the features that I’m I’m most excited about is the ability to search not only by the reports we name but also by the reports we need. So if I search if I enter in the report feed I.D. I get both the name and the I.D. for that particular report suite and this can be really helpful for those who spend a lot of time in implementation and are more familiar with the report that I.D. than their friendly name that it’s given. We hope you like the new report suit selector and Adobe Analytics.

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