Adobe Acrobat Services API use cases

Last update: 2023-10-19
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What can the Adobe Acrobat Services APIs do for me?

Learn how the Adobe Acrobat Services APIs can change your business with these hands-on use cases.

Acrobat Services APIs

Automate legal workflows Learn how to automate legal workflows with conditional content
Modernizing employee onboarding Learn how to modernize employee onboarding
Accelerate your sales process Learn how to accelerate sales by integrating document experiences
Managing sales proposals and contracts Learn how to build an efficient workflow to automate and simplify sales proposals
Creating an NDA Learn how to create a dynamic NDA PDF for collaboration
Managing legal contracts Learn how to automatically generate and protect legal documents with custom data input
Managing employee offer letters Learn how to generate an offer letter that can be delivered to a new employee for their signature
Searching and indexing Learn how to create searchable PDF files from scanned documents
Reviews and approvals Learn how to build a document review and approval workflow for cross-team collaboration
Report creation and editing Learn how to generate PDF reports on your website for customers
Job posting Learn how to develop a smooth and consistent web experience for job applicants and employers
Student-Teacher Collaboration Learn how to create an online learning platform that enables teachers and students to easily share resources in PDF
Agreement workflows in Node.js Adobe Acrobat Services APIs easily incorporate PDF capabilities into your web applications
HR document workflows in Java Adobe Acrobat Services APIs easily incorporate PDF capabilities into your HR web applications
Managing financial document workflows in Java Adobe Acrobat Services provides all the necessary tools, services, and features to process and extract data from PDF financial documents

Document Generation APIs

Handling invoices Learn how to automatically generate, password-protect, and deliver customer invoices




Digital document publishing Learn how to display embedded PDF documents inside web pages using Adobe PDF Embed API



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