Sessions to the application server


ApplyDuplicateRules Applies the duplication settings (including default values) to the specified document
BearerTokenLogon connection token
ChangePassword Change current password
DeleteCollection Delete a list of entities based on a condition
Diff Returns the current version and the original version of a document.
Duplicate Creates a new document from a source document
DuplicateTo Duplicates a new document from a source document to a given folder
DuplicateWithMappingId Duplicates a new document from the source document with the ID mapping
Encrypt Encrypts the character string with the instance key.
EncryptServerPassword Encrypts the character string with the server key.
FormatDataPolicy Applies a transformation to the character string according to the data policy passed as a parameter. Leaves the string unchanged in case of failure.
GetActiveApplicationMenus Returns a document containing the menus of the applications enabled for the current login
GetCnxInfo Recovers information from the current connections.
GetDefaultEntity Returns a document containing an empty entity with its default values
GetDirtyCacheEntities Return dirty cached entities
GetEntityIfMoreRecent Load an entity if its MD5 key is different than the one given as a parameter
GetImages Load a list of images
GetNewIds Gathers a list of internal keys identifiers for the database.
GetNewIdsEx Get a list of unique identifiers from the database, given a sequence name.
GetOption Returns the value of an option stored in the database.
GetPkList Get the list of instance identifiers
GetServerTime Returns the server date and time
GetUserInfo Information about current operator
HashPassword Hash a password with the server key.
ImportCollection Update a list of entities using an import
KillSession Closes the session specified
Load Load the entity
LoadAsText Retrieve entity contents as text
LoadIfExists Load the entity if it exists
Logoff Close current session
Logon Opens a session
NewInstance New document creation, pre-initialized but not saved
Remove Delete entity
ServerShutdown Requests server shutdown
SetDefaultValues Fix values by default based on xpath
SetDefaults Set default values
TestCnx Test the connection.
Write Update an entity
WriteCollection Update a list of entities

Generic Methods

create Creates a new entity corresponding to a given schema.
load Loads and returns an entity corresponding to a given schema and key.
save Saves an entity in the database.