Batch jobs executed on the application server


Cancel Cancel a job
CheckIfJobInProcess Check if the job is still running
Execute Executes a job synchronously (in this mode, progress information and cancelation are not available).
FilesExist Checks if files already exist on server (as files or in the resource table).
GetJobsInProcess Returns the non-external jobs currently running
GetStatus Get job processing progress information. Warning: This API does not guarantee to return a list of unique log entries (the caller has to deduplicate them using their ID ).
HasWarning Queries if warnings or errors have been generated for this job
Pause Pause a job
Submit Submits a job for an asynchronous processing
SubmitFromModel Submits a job from a template
SubmitSoapCall Submits a job for an asynchronous processing
WaitJobCancelled Waiting for the job to be canceled

Generic Methods

create Creates a new entity corresponding to a given schema.
load Loads and returns an entity corresponding to a given schema and key.
save Saves an entity in the database.