Defines all the report parameters


DictionaryCheck Search strings to translate in a Web application.
DisplayDescriptiveAnalysis Generation of a descriptive analysis.
DisplayDescriptiveAnalysisEx Generation of a descriptive analysis.
ExecuteTransientQuery Executes a query and stores the result in a work table
Export Generating and exporting a report
ExportDescriptiveAnalysis Export descriptive analysis in progress
GenerateAnalysisWidget Generate the widget for display.
GenerateAndSaveReport Generates a report from the server and saves it in the database
GenerateFlatReport Generation of the pre-report used for export
GetAvailableReports Recovers the list of reports without history
GetAvailableReportsEx Recovers the list of reports without their history, taking data sorting conditions and page numbering into account
GetDescriptiveAnalysisData Executes the query to get descriptive analysis data.
GetReportList Get the list of available reports with history
GetUsedLanguagesEnum Creates an enumeration with the languages used in the report.
Publish Publication of a report
RegisterTransientSchema Saves a schema associated with the results of a query
Save Saves a report already generated in the database.
exportSaved Export saved report from history table

Generic Methods

create Creates a new entity corresponding to a given schema.
load Loads and returns an entity corresponding to a given schema and key.
save Saves an entity in the database.