Control to view and edit various values grouped in various categories.


backColor - string

Background color (btnshadow, white).

border - string

Changes the control outline style (solid, double, inset, outset, none).

editable - string

Autorizes the modification (true by default).

font-size - integer

Changes the font size.

label - string

Associated label.

noImage - string

Hides the images of the elements in the list.

nolabel - boolean

Hides the associated label.

readOnly - boolean

Forces the control to read only.


Properties of sub-elements
  • visibleIf: an XTK condition to display or hide the element.
  • label: label of the element.
  • exprLabel: label of the element in the form of an expression.
  • xpath: XPath of the element.
  • img: Image of the element.
Properties of the input sub-elements
  • editable: Editable value. The default value is inherited from the root element.
Properties of the container sub-elements
  • collapsed: true|false Displays or hides sub-elements.
<input nolabel="true" type="treeEdit">
  <container label="Text fields">
    <input xpath="@text1"/>
    <input xpath="@text2"/>
    <input xpath="@text3"/>
    <input xpath="@text4"/>
    <input xpath="@text5"/>
  <container label="Boolean fields">
    <input xpath="@boolean1"/>
    <input xpath="@boolean2"/>
    <input xpath="@boolean3"/>