Memory list.


backColor - string

Background color (btnshadow, white).

border - string

Changes the control outline style (solid, double, inset, outset, none).

editable - boolean

Authorizes list editing.

font-size - integer

Changes the font size.

form - string

The editing form.

img - string

Image for each line.

label - string

Associated label.

nolabel - boolean

No label.

notitle - boolean

Does not display column titles.

noToolbar - boolean

Hides the toolbar.

ordered - boolean

Authorizes list scheduling.

readOnly - boolean

Forces the control to read only.

toobarAlign - string

horizontal | vertical.

toobarCaption - string

Label displayed in the toolbar.

zoom - boolean

Displays the editing form.

zoomOnAdd - boolean

Opens a form when a line is added.

xpathIndex - xpath

The index of the selection will be stored in the location specified by this path.

xpathSelection - xpath

The node where the XPATH path will be stored to reach the selected element.


Example 1:

      <input type="list" xpath="dataTransferStep" nolabel="true" editable="false"
       zoom="true" form="xtk:exportSource" zoomOnAdd="true" img="xtk:script.bmp">
  <input xpath="@name" colSize="15"/>
  <input xpath="@active" editable="true" colSize="15"/>
Example 2:
<input type="list" xpath="operator" zoom="true">
  <input xpath="@name" colSize="15"/>
    <input xpath="@name"/>