Add a asset to a connected Workfront project

The content of this article refers to updated document approval functionality that is only available for specific accounts. For information on standard approval processes, see the articles listed in Work approvals.

Creatives can add assets that need to be reviewed to and send them to Workfront for formal review and approval.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Access level configurations
You must be a project collaborator in For more information, see I've been invited to collaborate on a Project on the help site.
You must have

For more details about the information in this table, see Access requirements in Workfront documentation.


  • You must have a Workfront group connected to a team.
  • You must have a Workfront project connected to a project and be added as a user to a Workfront task enabled for

For more information, see Connect Workfront and

Add a asset to a connected Workfront project

  1. In, find the project connected to Workfront. Connected projects display the Workfront Lion icon.

  2. Upload the asset to the connected project using the Creative Cloud plugin or directly in

  3. Initiate the peer review inside

    note note
    You must have a Team Member license to review in
  4. Click the three-dot menu on the asset, then click Add to Workfront.

  5. Choose where to upload the asset in the connected Workfront project.

  6. (Optional) Set the task status.

  7. Click Submit.

The asset appears in the location chosen, and the task status updates accordingly.

You can start the review and approval process by following the steps outlined in the article Create a document review or approval request.