Workfront Fusion release activity: Week of April 17, 2023

This page describes all enhancements made in Adobe Workfront Fusion the week of April 17, 2023

For a list of all recent changes, see Adobe Workfront Fusion release activity.

For a list of recent bug fixes in Workfront Fusion, see the Workfront Maintenance Updates page and check for any updates labeled Workfront Fusion Maintenance Update.

New Fusion DevTool now available in the Chrome Web Store

The newest version of the DevTool browser extension is now available from the Chrome Web Store. You can add the DevTool to your Chrome browser without having to download and install it, and the extension will now autoupdate when any changes are made to the DevTool. You can also have the confidence of knowing that the Chrome Web Store has validated the DevTool.

Previously, the DevTool had to be downloaded and installed by the user.

For more information, see Debug scenarios with the Adobe Workfront Fusion DevTool.

New Microsoft SharePoint modules available

We’ve added four new modules to the Microsoft SharePoint connector. These modules make it easier to work with files and folders in your Microsoft SharePoint account.

  • Create a file
  • Create a folder
  • Get a file (Read a file)
  • Watch folder items (Start a scenario when a file or folder is created or modified)

For more information, see SharePoint modules

Airtable connector and modules now available

You can now use Workfront Fusion to connect to your Airtable account.

With the Airtable modules, you can:

  • Create, read,update, or delete a record
  • Search records based on criteria you specify
  • Start a scenario when a record is created or updated, or when a new response is received
  • Make a custom API call to the Airtable API

For more information see Airtable modules

HTTP Make an API key OAuth request module now available for users in the EU

Now, users in the EU can use the universal HTTP to make OAuth requests using an API key.

Previously, this module was available only to organizations outside of the EU.

For more information, see HTTP >Make an API Key Authorization request