Congratulations, you made it through the entire tutorial!

You now have hands-on experience with the Platform capabilities commonly used by both Data Architects and Data Engineers. I understand that your role is just one of the two and that you did a lot of work that is often done by a colleague. I hope by doing so you can appreciate how all of the pieces fit together and appreciate the teamwork required to implement Experience Platform successfully.

You’ve learned how to:

  • Administer users and permissions in the Admin Console, with which Data Architects are often tasked
  • Create a sandbox, which both Data Architects and Data Engineers can use to experiment with new schemas and data
  • Set up access to Platform API in the Developer Console and use the Experience Platform Postman collections, which both Data Architects and Data Engineers will find useful
  • Model data into XDM schemas, which is a foundational building block relevant to all users of Platform
  • Map identities into namespaces and add them to schemas, which is a critical task of Data Architects to stitch profiles
  • Create datasets, which Data Architects typically set up to receive incoming data
  • Enable schemas and datasets for real-time customer profiles, another task for Data Architects
  • Subscribe to data ingestion events, which Data Engineers can use for ingestion monitoring
  • Ingest batch data through multiple methods, which is one of the core tasks of Data Engineers
  • Stream data using the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK, which Data Engineers typically need to coordinate with their web developers
  • Create merge policies to prioritize datasets, another tool for the Data Architect
  • Run queries to validate data, a capability useful to both Data Architects and Data Engineers
  • Build segments, which Data Architects will need to understand in order to support Platform’s business users

What should I do with my sandbox and tag property?

I suggest you keep it and use it for further experimentation with Platform. We hope to create additional tutorials that build on the schemas and data used here. If you’ve used all of the sandboxes in your account, and it’s needed for another purpose, you can reset or delete it.

Where should I go to learn more about Experience Platform?

The key resources:

Thanks for your efforts and good luck on your journey with Adobe Experience Platform!