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Addressing credential sharing and understanding the subscriber usage behavior is a complex process. Developing a holistic view of their activity presents challenges, such as distinguishing sharing among members within the same household and outside. This complexity leads streaming service providers have inhibitions in taking action against credential sharing.

Generally, video streaming service providers are aware of the risk and cost of sharing in their business that includes churn, poor customer experience, and negative brand impact. However, they have limited solutions available, such as blocking the sharers or providing alternative offers. However, an informed and targeted approach is recommended. The one that help services to understand sharing accurately and use strategies to reward good viewing behavior while also aiming for business growth.

Account IQ flow diagram

Account IQ information flow

Adobe Pass Account IQ enables video streaming services to understand the subscriber usage patterns and identify credential sharing. By deeply analyzing each subscriber’s activity using Adobe’s proprietary multi-layer machine learning model, streaming services can understand usage behavior and identify credential sharing with a greater degree of certainty. Moreover, it enables action to be taken through integrations with other systems such as limiting concurrent streams or customizing offers, and validates the impact of those actions—whether encouraging legitimate viewing behavior or growing subscribers and revenue.

Account IQ provides the tools and features to measure, manage, and monetize credential sharing. Reports, analytics, and dashboards enable exploration of the data to identify patterns. Direct action is supported through exports and integrations with Adobe and third-party systems, such as campaign management, currency limiting or subscriber registration. And dedicated tracking tools measure the success of those actions so they can be updated or expanded.

The following sections explain the various tools and features present in Account IQ:

Let’s take a deep dive into the graphs and reports in each of these sections.