Redirect a Landing Page redirect-a-landing-page

Mission: Redirect a landing page to a different web page mission-redirect-a-landing-page-to-a-different-web-page

Admin Permissions Required

Step 1: Start a New Redirect Rule step-start-a-new-redirect-rule

  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Go to Landing Pages.

  3. Click the Rules tab, then click New and New Redirect Rule.

Step 2: Define the Redirect Rule step-define-the-redirect-rule

  1. Click the first Original URL drop-down and select your Marketo CNAME.

    note note
    Remember, you can only redirect landing pages that start with your Marketo CNAME.
  2. Click the second Original URL drop-down and select the landing page you want to redirect.

  3. For Redirect URL select the page you want to redirect to and click Create.

Mission Complete mission-complete

Congratulations! You’ve successfully redirected a landing page.

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