Subscription lists create-subscription-list

What is a subscription list? subscription-list-definition

A subscription service refers to marketing goods and services provided to customers who have opted in to receive communications on a specific subject/event/interest/etc. on an ongoing basis. In Journey Optimizer, these opted-in customers are gathered into a subscription list.

A subscription service can be:

  • a newsletter, for example: “Running series”
  • an event, for example: “Summit 2021”
  • a webinar, for example: “Learn more about crypto”
  • an interest on a particular product/sport/service/etc., for example: “Interested to buy a house in the next 12 months”
  • a preference on how to be notified, for example: “Receive new song notifications on email”

The profiles can be added to a subscription list through a landing page. An example is presented in this section.

Create a subscription list define-subscription-list

To create a subscription list, follow the steps below.

  1. To access the subscription lists, select Customer > Subscription list.

  2. Select the Create subscription list button.

  3. Add a title and a description. These fields are mandatory.

    note caution
    Currently you cannot use spacing or enter a name that already exists for another subscription list in the Title field.
  4. You can define a start date and end date.

  5. Select or create Adobe Experience Platform tags from the Tags field to categorize your landing page for improved search. Learn more

  6. Click Save.

The list displays all the subscription lists created. You can filter them based on the creation date or modification date, and their status.

The possible statuses are as follows:

  • Not started: You defined a start date that is later than the current day. The subscribed profiles will not receive yet communications relating to this subscription list.
  • Live: The current day is comprised between the subscription list start date and end date, or you did not defined end/start dates, which means the subscription list is always live.
  • Expired: The end date is passed, thus the subscription list is not valid anymore. Any subscribed profile will not receive any more communications relating to this subscription list.

Once the subscription list is created, you can use it in a landing page. The profiles who opt in through the landing page form will be added to the list. Learn more

You can also use subscription lists as audiences when building journeys and adding personalization.

You can monitor your subscription list impacts through specific reports. Learn more