Decision management data collection data-collection

Understanding data collection

You can collect offer decisioning feedback in Adobe Experience Platform, including which offers are displayed and how users interact with them. This data can be used for:

Types of events

The way data is collected varies according to the event type you want to capture.

Decision events

Each time Decision management makes a decision, information related to that decision event is automatically sent to Adobe Experience Platform for all channels. Learn more

Impression and click events

Decision management impressions and clicks are defined as follows:

  • An impression event is when an offer is displayed to a user.

  • A click event is when a user clicks or interacts with an offer.

Feedback on impressions and clicks is captured depending on the Journey Optimizer channel that is used.

Emails authored by Journey Optimizer automatically track impressions and clicks.

However, most channels require impressions and clicks data to be sent into Adobe Experience Platform as an experience event. This includes:

Channels that use a decisioning API request to receive offers need feedback sent in as an experience event. In other words, if the offer needs instructions on how to render, you can assume that you should send in feedback as experience events.

Custom events

Feedback on custom events tied to an offer can be sent into Adobe Experience Platform according to your own preferences. For example, if an offer has multiple buttons such as Interested, Not interested, etc., you may want to send in those events separately, but these can also be sent in as experience events.

Sending in feedback data

To send in feedback data, you need to create a dataset to collect events and, for each event type, define an experience event that will be sent into Adobe Experience Platform.

  • Learn how to create a dataset where the experience events will be collected in this section.

  • Learn how to define experience events to send in feedback data in this section.