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Richness and coverage of end-customer data is what defines the strength and success of any customer experience solution; and this data is sacred and of the highest value to any given customer. Technology selection is now inherently built-in with stringent evaluation of data management capabilities.

With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can easily manage, retain, and export this data to platforms or systems that are part of your technology stack.

My Data, My Rules - Adobe Journey Optimizer continually (and in real-time) creates a rich set of customer profile data, in addition to all the journey data and offer data that is inherent to its operations. Strawman-versions of user data ingested from your databases get enriched and transformed to high-value data with coverage as well as depth. You want this data safe, and at the same time ubiquitous, so that you get to leverage its value across your overall IT ecosystem.

Broadly, the flexibility you want from your data is:

Available in other destinations – While Adobe Journey Optimizer synergizes and integrates data for a hyper-personalized customer experience, you want this data in other systems in your overall tech landscape, while you look-out for other ways to leverage this data.

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Deleted basis an agreed timeline or your policy – Data deletion is a critical aspect of data protection and is a key step in all data governance processes. Adobe Journey Optimizer may produce more data than required. Also, you want to take utmost care of what happens after the required duration for a dataset – be it because of utility or regulation. The control you need, is to delete data at any given point in time.

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Adobe Experience Platform, on which Adobe Journey Optimizer is built, provides the highest levels of control of data to you – during the engagement as well at the end of the engagement. Within Journey Optimizer, you have full control over the data (that is either brought into or generated by, Journey Optimizer), the governance overlaid on to that data and the destinations where that data is sent to.

All data is considered the property of Customers and can only be maintained, encrypted, distributed, or destroyed at your request. Adobe acts as your fiduciary, with absolutely no rights to your data.

You can use the Journey Optimizer’s data flexibility to address your specific requirements related to data retention, archival or deletion:

  • Data Extraction / Export: You can initiate the extraction of source data at any time via the data access API with no penalties or time delays. The Data Access API provides users with a RESTful interface focused on the discoverability and accessibility of ingested datasets within Adobe Experience Platform.

    Note that content used in journeys or campaigns cannot be extracted via API or Destination methods mentioned above.

  • Purges and archiving mechanisms: Purging of data and archival can be freely defined and automated in Adobe Journey Optimizer to automate data retention policies. It is possible to define different aging strategies for the different data entities. Export mechanisms can also be defined to automatically export aging data before it is purged or archived.

    The Data Hygiene workspace allows you to create and monitor various data hygiene tasks, including deleting consumer identities and scheduling dataset expirations. This workspace is available with the Security & Privacy Shield and with the Healthcare Shield. Learn more in this page.

  • Data Extract at Engagement Termination/ Exit: When the contract is terminated, your data is completely removed from Adobe’s storage space. Also, you can pull full profile extracts prior to terminating an agreement. There is no additional cost for this feature. This can be done at any time and not just upon termination.

The above methods are contractually defined and laid out in detail in the data processing agreement (DPA) that Adobe mutually agrees with you at the beginning of an engagement. Adobe applications, including Journey Optimizer, are engineered around the principle that each client’s data be treated as that client’s proprietary data asset.