Streaming segmentation in the Experience Platform UI

The following video is intended to support your understanding of streaming segmentation. It shows an example customer experience followed by a quick tour of key features in the Platform interface. To learn more about streaming segmentation and how to do streaming segmentation in the UI, please read the streaming segmentation UI guide.

If you are interested in streaming segmentation using the Segmentation API, please read the streaming segmentation API guide.

The Experience Platform user interface is frequently updated and may have changed since the recording of this video. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the streaming segmentation UI guide.
Hi, everyone, in this video, we will be showing you Adobe Experience Platform’s streaming segmentation capabilities, and how it helps brands deliver personalized experiences to their customers based on real-time data. We will be using Luma, an athletic apparel company.
Sarah Rose is a current customer of Luma, and today, her experience starts on her phone and in the Luma mobile app. This Luma account screen is powered by Adobe Experience Platform’s real-time customer profile where Sarah can review her personal information, loyalty status, as well as recent products she looked at. At this stage of her experience, Sarah sees that she is eligible to an offer to discover Luma’s women’s new collection. However, today, Sarah is on the market to buy a gift for her boyfriend, and she starts looking for men’s jackets.
As she narrows her search down to a few items, Luma ingests Sarah’s behavioral information in Adobe Experience Platform, and her profile becomes eligible to automatically qualify to the men’s top category interest segment.
Since this segment is enabled for real-time personalization, Sarah is now eligible to an updated offer consistent with her recent search. Luma was able to personalize Sarah’s experience in real time using Adobe Experience Platform’s streaming segmentation. Now, let’s go behind the scenes and see how Adobe Experience Platform helped Luma get to this point.
Here we are in Adobe Experience Platform. One of its core capabilities is the ability to create rich business segments using online, offline, Adobe and non-Adobe generated data. This screen shows Luma’s active segments. So let’s open the men’s top category interest segment Sarah has just qualified for. Users can create sophisticated segments based on a sequence of events such as ad impressions, product views, check out and purchase decisions. In this example, Luma chose to track three product views on any of its men’s top products within the last 24 hours. Users can also combine profile attributes such as demographic data to narrow the segment down to only loyal customers.
As soon as this segment is saved, it becomes enabled and starts qualifying profile data in real time. As a matter of fact, when we open Sarah Rose’s real-time profile in Platform, we can not only see the latest events that occurred as she was browsing, but most importantly, the current segments she has qualified for. Sure enough, she has qualified for the men’s top interest segment, as well as others. Adobe Experience Platform’s streaming segmentation enables real-time personalization across any channel. This is a critical capability, as brands are looking to activate their data to create seamless, connected and consistent experiences across their properties and channels. So whether it’s on an email or through its website, Luma will speak to its customers through one consistent voice, and helping Sarah make the right decision for the perfect gift she’s looking for. -