No audience size in Microsoft Bing AEP destination

Learn why an AEP Bing destination does not result in any audience size.

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Adobe Experience Platform


Why does Microsoft Bing not show any audience size for the AEP (Adobe Experience Platform) segments sent to the AEP Bing Destination?

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The three most common reasons an AEP Bing destination does not result in any audience size are:

  • Bing Ads CID is incorrect The documentation for this integration mentions that you need Bing Ads CID to configure this destination. This is an integer and will not contain any letters. This piece of Bing documentation will help you find the CID. The “Get Your Account and Customer IDs” is the section that will help you determine what your CID is versus the account ID.
    Unfortunately, the Bing API does not respond with any error to indicate that the wrong ID was used. Hits are still sent to and accepted by Bing, even if the ID is incorrect. If you are an AAM customer with the AAM version of this destination in place (and it is working), then this would be the same Bing Ads CID used in the Audience Manager destination.
  • ID sync is not enabled This reason would only be applicable to those customers who don’t already have an AAM version of this destination configured and working. The same configuration document also calls out the need to enable ID sync if you don’t already have it setup for AAM to begin with. Create a support case to have this ID sync enabled if you have not already done so.
  • ID sync is not firing on the website
    Even if the ID sync was enabled, it needs to fire on the website in question. Using an incognito browser to mimic the first page of a first visit, visit the website in question and use your browser’s developer tools to ensure that you see a call made to this URL:
    The % will replace actual values in the above URL.
    If you don’t see that network call fire, then the ID sync is not happening. For Experience Cloud ID Service users, this could mean that ID Syncs were disabled. For WebSDK users, this would probably mean the 3rd party ID syncs were not enabled. To enable them, see this article.