Site-Wide Analysis Tool

Effective April 23, 2024, the Site-Wide Analysis Tool will be decommissioned for all Adobe Commerce on-premises customers.

This guide provides a holistic overview of the Site-Wide Analysis Tool. It describes the uses, step-by-step instructions for installation, and how to access the tool.

What is Site-Wide Analysis Tool?

The Site-Wide Analysis Tool is a proactive self-service tool and central repository that includes detailed system insights and recommendations to ensure the security and operability of your Adobe Commerce installation. It provides 24/7 real-time performance monitoring, reports, and advice to identify potential issues and better visibility into site health, safety, and application configurations. It helps reduce resolution time and improve site stability and performance.

Site-Wide Analysis Tool dashboard

See this introduction video to learn more.

Tool Overview

  • Dashboard

  • Information - Provides customer contact information and a summary of current tickets, with detailed information about each installed Adobe Commerce product.

  • Recommendations - Lists recommendations based on best practices to address issues detected on your site:

    • For changes that require an infrastructure update, submit a support request.
    • For changes that require an application update, make the changes yourself.
    • For changes that require manual intervention such as a code deployment, ask your system administrator or developers for help.
  • Exceptions - Lists errors thrown by the application caused by abnormal conditions without an error handler.

  • Extensions - Lists all third-party extensions and third-party libraries.

  • Patches - Integrated with the Quality Patches Tool, it provides a list of all available patches specific for your Adobe Commerce Instance.

Integrations with other Adobe Commerce Support Tools

View all of the important insights about your site in one place. Site-Wide Analysis Tool allows you to get direct access to and information from the Security Center Widget, Upgrade Compatability Tool, and Managed Alerts.

Who is this guide for?

Merchants and partners who want to have greater visibility into their Adobe Commerce websites. It empowers merchants to improve their customers’ experience and have closer alignment on the best practices recommendations and foundational issues.

Site-Wide Analysis Tool demo

Watch this video to learn about the Site-Wide Analysis Tool: