Configuration overview for Store Fulfillment

In the Adobe Commerce Admin, the configuration settings for Store Fulfillment Services by Walmart Commerce Technologies are categorized by type.

Store Fulfillment configuration settings by type

API Configurable
General Configuration
General integration set up for the Store Fulfillment solution, its active features, and credentials to connect to fulfillment services.
Sales Email Configuration
Set up additional e-mail templates for customer notifications sent during the check-in process.
Merchant Store Configuration
Set up enhanced Inventory Management sources as merchant stores.
Product Stock Management
Configure the merchant stock messaging and features available to customers.
Inventory Management Source Transfer
Set up a new stock, transfer inventory out of default stock.
Multiple Website/Scope Configuration
Configure stocks and delivery methods for multiple websites/store scopes.
Background Process System Configuration
Configure the schedules for background processes used in synchronizing data with the fulfillment services.
Store Location and Mapping Setup
Configure the ability to use a distance provider to search for retail stores and to display this information in the SLS map
Check-In Experience Setup
Configure the car color and car make options that will be available during the check-in process
User Setup
Manage user accounts, roles, and permissions for store associates that use the Store Assist app. scopes.
App Setup
Review available configurations for the Store Assist App required to complete the onboarding process. These settings cannot be configured from the Adobe Commerce Admin.

Use the configuration reference

View the configuration reference for each setting type by selecting the type name in the Store Fulfillment configuration settings by type table.

In the configuration reference for each type, the configuration details are displayed in a table with the following column headers:

  • Field refers to the name of the field to configure

  • Description provides important details about the purpose and behavior of the field

  • Scope indicates the Adobe Commerce configuration scope for the setting (global, website, store)

  • Required value indicates whether a value must be set on the field

For technical reference, you can also find the internal configuration path for each field.