Boundaries and limits

When it comes to site search, Adobe Commerce gives you options. Review the following boundaries and limits to ensure that Live Search and Catalog Service meet the needs of your business. If you need advanced search capabilities such as content search, bring-your-own-algorithm (BYOA), or attribute-based merchandising, consider a third-party search solution.


  • The Advanced Search module is disabled when Live Search is installed, and the Advanced Search link in the storefront footer is removed.
  • Tier Pricing and Special Pricing are not supported in the Live Search field and Product Listing Page Widget.
  • Product prices do not include value-added tax (VAT).
  • Content search is not supported.
  • There is a limit of 10k products that can be paginated.
  • The search adapter does not support product attributes that are created with a custom source model and used as facets. To support this functionality, you must use the Product Listing Page Widget.


  • Live Search indexes up to a total of 450 product attributes per store view. These are distributed as follows:

    • 50 sortable attributes
    • 200 filterable attributes
    • 200 searchable attributes
  • Live Search indexes only products from the Adobe Commerce database.

  • CMS pages are not indexed.

  • SKU, name, and category attributes are searchable by default and cannot be excluded from the search. Make sure you unassign the products from the categories if they are not intended to be in those categories.


  • A maximum of 100 attributes can be configured as facets from the 200 filterable attributes that can be indexed.
  • Within a facet, a maximum of 30 buckets can be returned. If more than 30 buckets need to be returned, create a support ticket so Adobe can analyze the performance impact and determine if it is feasible to increase this limit for your environment.
  • Dynamic facets can cause performance issues in large indexes and indexes with high ordinality. If you have created dynamic facets and notice any performance deterioration or page not loading with timeout errors, try changing your facets to pinned to determine if that resolves your performance issue.
  • Stock status (quantity_and_stock_status) is not supported as a facet. You can use inStock: 'true' to filter out of stock products. This is supported out of the box in the LiveSearchAdapter module when “Display out of stock products” is set to “True” in the Commerce Admin.
  • Date type attributes are not supported as a facet.


  • Live Search uses a unique GraphQL endpoint for queries to support features such as dynamic faceting and search-as-you-type. Although similar to the GraphQL API, there are a few differences and some fields may not be fully compatible.
  • The maximum number of results that can be returned in a search query is 10,000.
  • It is not possible to filter results using a date type attribute.


  • The maximum number of search merchandising rules per store view is 50.
  • Category merchandising can have one rule per category.
  • The maximum number of conditions per rule is 10.
  • The maximum number of events per rule is 25.


  • Live Search can manage up to 200 synonyms per store view.
  • Multiword synonyms are limited to 20 per store view.

Category merchandising

  • One rule per category can be created for each store view. Each rule can have:

    • Up to ten conditions
    • Up to 25 events

B2B and category permissions

  • Products are not displayed if they are not added to a default shared catalog.

  • To restrict customer groups using Catalog permissions:

    • Products must be assigned to the Root category.
    • The “Not Logged in” customer group must be given “Allow” browsing permissions.
    • To restrict products to the “Not Logged In” customer group, go to each category and set permission for each customer group.
  • Out-of-the-box support for B2B with the PLP widget on PWA Studio is not supported at this time. However, you can use the API to implement this functionality.

  • Category facets in Live Search might display categories that are not displayable to a specific customer group.

Storefront popover

  • The popover is available only for stores that use the Luma theme, or a customized theme that is based on Luma. Breadcrumbs on the search results page will not have Luma styling.
  • The popover does not support the Blank theme.
  • The popover is not supported on the Quick Order form.
  • Wishlists and product comparisons are not supported.