Settings Overview

Sales channel settings enable communication and data synchronization between Commerce and Walmart Marketplace so you can manage Walmart Marketplace sales operations from the Commerce Admin.

In Channel Manager, you configure some sales channels settings during the onboarding process. After onboarding, you can view and manage the configuration by selecting Channel Settings from the Listings and Orders dashboards.

  • Walmart connection–During the Channel Manager onboarding process, you provide API credentials from your Walmart Marketplace Seller account to connect Commerce to Walmart Marketplace for communication and data synchronization. If needed, you can update these credentials from the Channel Settings page.

  • Map Unique identifiers–Before you connect listings from Commerce to Walmart Marketplace, map at least one unique identifier from your Commerce catalog to the corresponding identifier from Walmart. This step is required to match Commerce products to existing Walmart listings and to synchronize product data between Commerce and Walmart.

  • Map Shipping Carriers–Before you process Walmart Marketplace orders from Commerce, ensure that you map shipping carriers from your Commerce instance to the corresponding carriers on Walmart Marketplace.