Map Catalog Attributes

Before you connect listings from Commerce to Walmart Marketplace, you must map at least one unique identifier from your Commerce catalog to the corresponding identifier from Walmart.

This step is required to match Commerce products to existing Walmart listings and to synchronize product data between Commerce and Walmart. The Commerce product must have at least one product attribute that matches one of the following Product Identifiers (Product IDs) required by Walmart.

Required Walmart product IDs

Accepted Type
Acceptable Digits
Global Trade Item
General purpose, used worldwide
14 digits
International Standard Book Number
Paperback, Hardcover and Electronic Books
10 or 13 digits
International Standard Serial Number
8-digit serial number used to identify magazines, journals, newspapers, and periodicals of all kinds delivered on all media–print and electronic
8 digits
Universal Product Code
Standard retail tracking code
12 digits

If your catalog does not have a matching attribute, add or convert an existing catalog attribute.

Map unique identifiers

  1. From the Listings or Orders page for the sales channel store, select Channel Settings.

  2. On Channel Settings, select Map Attributes.

    • Find the Walmart Marketplace attribute to map.

    • Select the corresponding attribute from the Commerce store catalog.

      The following example maps the Walmart Marketplace UPC attribute to the UPC attribute in the product catalog.

      Map attributes for product match criteria {width="600" modal="regular"}

    • Select Save.