Walmart Requirements

Channel Manager requires the following resources and information to configure a Commerce sales channel for Walmart Marketplace.

  • A Walmart Seller Account

  • An API key to connect Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source to Walmart Marketplace

    The Walmart Marketplace API key enables the integration between Channel Manager for Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source and the Walmart Marketplace. Set up the API key in Seller Central before starting the Channel Manager onboarding process.

Set up a Walmart Seller account

Go to the Walmart Seller Center to set up your Walmart Seller account.

Generate a Walmart Marketplace Production API key

  1. Go to Walmart Marketplace to generate a solution provider production API key for Adobe.

  2. Create the key and configure permissions:

    • Select Adobe as the solution provider.

    • Set the permissions as shown in the following table. For details, see API Credentials in the Walmart Marketplace Seller Help.

    Adobe API key configuration for Walmart

    table 0-row-2 1-row-2 2-row-2 3-row-2 4-row-2 5-row-2 6-row-2 7-row-2 8-row-2 9-row-2 10-row-2 11-row-2
    Permission Setting
    Content Full Access
    Get Feeds View Only
    Inventory Full Access
    Items Full Access
    Lag Time Full Access
    Order Full Access
    Price Full Access
    Reports View Only
    Returns Full Access
    Rules Full Access
    Shipping Full Access

Walmart Marketplace Store status

When you connect products to the marketplace, listing availability depends on the status of your Walmart Marketplace stores:

  • For live stores, your product offers are listed and available for sale when the match operation completes.

  • For stores that are not live, your product offers are staged and not visible to customers. When the Walmart Marketplace store goes live, staged listings are pushed to the live store automatically.

Walmart Seller Central staged products {width="600" modal="regular"}

After Channel Manager is installed and configured, all inventory, price, and order updates are synchronized automatically. Do not connect Channel Manager to a live Walmart Marketplace store until you have disabled any other integrations that update the product and order data. If you had other integrations configured, verify that the item quantity and prices in Commerce match the quantities in Walmart Marketplace before connecting to a live store.