Incremental query on subscribers to a service example--incremental-query-on-subscribers-to-a-service

The following example shows the configuration of an Incremental query activity which filters the profiles in the Adobe Campaign database that are subscribed to the Running Newsletter service, to send them a welcome email containing a promo code.

The workflow is up made up of the following elements:

  • A Scheduler activity, to execute the workflow every Monday at 6 am.

  • An Incremental query activity, which targets all of the current subscribers during the first execution, then only the new subscribers of that week during the following executions.

  • An Email delivery activity. The workflow is executed once a week, but you can aggregate the emails sent and the results per month, for example to generate reports over a period of an entire month and not just a single week.

    To do this, choose to create a Recurring email here regrouping the emails and the results By month.

    Define the content of your email and insert the welcome promo code. For more on this, refer to Defining email content sections.

Then start the workflow execution. Each week the new subscribers will receive the welcome email with the promo code.