Get Started with Campaign Standard about-campaign-standard

Adobe Campaign Standard is a powerful cross-channel campaign management tool that can help you align your online and offline strategies to create personalized customer experiences.

Control the entire process of creating, executing, and tracking cross-channel campaigns, as well as send messages that are personalized according to the profile, behavior, preferences, and needs of the clients. You can easily orchestrate, modelize and automate the entire marketing process, and integrate with other Adobe solutions.

Grow your marketing database grow-database

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Campaign integrated customer profiles allows you to track every interaction with customers across all channels within one single view, allowing you to deliver relevant and personalized messages to your customers.

Segment your database into audiences to optimize the target of your marketing campaigns.

Manage customers permission and consent using services and landing pages to set up easy opt-in and opt-out mechanisms.

Enrich your database using multiple functionalities: workflows, landing pages, or APIs, or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Get started with profiles and audiences

Orchestrate cross-channel marketing campaigns orchestrate-campaigns

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Plan, coordinate and orchestrate cross-channel campaigns.

Optimize your marketing plans organization by creating programs and campaigns. Analyze the impact of your marketing campaigns through reports. Orchestrate your campaigns using multiple marketing activities accessible from one single interface and set up marketing activities templates to save time. Get started with Marketing plans and activities

Leverage workflows to orchestrate and automate your campaigns. Get started with processes and data management

Design & send messages design-send

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Design and send messages on online and offline communication channels, including email delivery optimization for multiple devices through testing and responsive design strategies.

Leverage Campaign communication channels to deliver your marketing campaigns at the right place: email, SMS, push notification, In-App message, direct mail, landing pages. Gain time and consistency across your messaging strategy by creating templates for all types of messages (transactional, recurring, multilingual messages). Perform A/B testing, and capture your audience’s interest using personalization and dynamic content functionalities. Get started with communication channels

Use Campaign Email Designer to create captivating, individually tailored email messages. Start from scratch or leverage built-in content fragments or templates to design your emails using HTML format optimized for responsive design. Get started with email content designing

Analyze and check the content of your messages before sending, using multiple testing functionalities like preview, proofs, email subject line testing, email rendering etc. Make sure your messages are delivered at the right time by optimizing their sending time (scheduling, time zone management). Get started with message testing and sending

Track the impact of your campaigns track-impact-campaigns

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Once marketing campaigns have been executed and the different messages have been sent, Campaign Standard allows you monitor them to track their impact as well as their recipients’ behavior.

Monitor your deliveries once they are sent. Consult and export detailed logs about your deliveries. Retrieve information on their status for each recipient, the messages excluded from the target and many more metrics.
Leverage the delivery alerting feature to keep track of the delivery successes or failures through email notifications. Want to learn more? Get started with messages monitoring

Track the behavior of your delivery recipients. Leverage session and permanent cookies to retrieve tracking information for each of your contact of your database. Monitor tracking information on deliveries (clicked URLs, mirror pages, opened messages…) through dedicated logs and reports. Get started with messages tracking

Leverage dynamic reports to outline specific metrics related to your message or campaign. Dynamic reporting provides fully customizable and real-time reports that add access to profile data, enabling demographic analysis by profile dimensions such as gender, city and age in addition to functional email campaign data like opens and clicks. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can explore data, determine how your email campaigns performed against your most important customer segments and measure their impact on recipients. Get started with dynamic reporting

Administrate your platform and extend the data model datamodel-apis

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Extend Campaign Standard data model with your own fields and resources, and monitor all data model changes into one single view. Get started with Campaign Standard data model

Leverage REST APIs to perform various operations and integrate Campaign Standard with your own ecosystem. Get started with Campaign Standard REST APIs

Administrate Campaign from one single view: monitor your instance, manage users’ permissions. Setup external servers to connect to your instance, and configure parameters for your communication channels. Get started with Campaign Standard administration

Import and export data easily using Campaign Standard data management capabilities. Get started with processes and data management

Combine Campaign capabilities with other solutions to help you build optimal marketing campaigns. Get started with Campaign Standard integrations