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Adobe Campaign allows you to deliver SMS (Short Message Service) messages.

SMS channel is an add-on. Please check your license agreement.

For SMS messages, you can create, modify, and personalize messages in text format only. You can also preview your SMS messages before they are sent.

The length of an SMS message is restricted to 160 characters if it is in GSM encoding and only 70 characters if it is in Unicode. However, certain special characters can influence the length of the message. For more on this, refer to the SMS encoding section.

SMS messages can be created from the Marketing activities menu, from a campaign, or in a workflow, see Creating an SMS message.

To deliver SMS messages to a mobile telephone you need:

  • A Routing external account configured on the Mobile (SMS) channel with the Bulk delivery mode. For more on this, refer to the Routing section.
  • A delivery template that is correctly linked to this external account.

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SMS delivery template sms-delivery-template

Adobe Campaign offers a delivery template for mobile devices. This template must be correctly linked to the external account used for the Mobile (SMS) channel. To access and modify it:

  1. Select Resources > Templates > Delivery templates from the advanced menu.

  2. Hover over the Send via SMS template with the mouse and select the Duplicate element option.

  3. Select the new template.

  4. Click the Edit properties button.

  5. In the Advanced parameters section of the template properties, make sure that the template is linked to the external account to be used for delivering SMS.

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